CMIW… Community of Mission Information Workers

At the heart of Christian ministry are the goals of announcing the coming of the kingdom of God in the person of Jesus (making the gospel understandable) and manifesting aspects of the kingdom here and now (being the church in the world). This is what it means to witness to Christ in word and deed. That’s our nutshell definition of mission, but it’s anything but simplistic. All kinds of activities go into accomplishing the above in and for every country and people group on the globe. There’s Bible translation, preaching, teaching, discipling, serving, counseling, reconciling, reading, cooking, writing, transporting, healing, praying, and others.

Larry, Director of OC Research, shares how managing information is critical to spreading the Good News of Jesus to everyone everywhere. Are you thinking, what kinds of information? …Geographical information in maps, cultural and linguistic information in ethnographies, contact information in directories and catalogs… facts, opinions, and preferences in databases of all sorts and sizes. And OC is not alone is doing research work…


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